5 Tip Top Sex Tips for Tops


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Sex advice in the gay community usually comes in the form of repetitious addresses to bottoms in regard to the upkeep up of their hole and the cleansing thereof as though that is the only aspect of gay sex that needs to be mentioned (though it is extremely important and the linked guide will get you together.) Tops are out there thinking that they can get the butt without putting in any effort or preparing for the act. Sex requires all parties to be conscious of the needs and desires of the others involved…  Whether it’s your partner or those guys from the gym coming over for some of that dick, you should know what’s expected of you from the prep to the climax at the peak of Mt. Pleasure. I know that you guys aren’t mid readers so I’ve come up with 5 tip top sex tips for tops! Say that 5 times fast…







  1. Clean your dick


shower GIFTops love to talk about the level of cleanliness exhibited by their bottom counterparts, but rarely do they assess the dirty dicks that are often brought to the table. Granted, some people are turned on by the smell of their man’s sweaty balls, but even then there is a level of cleanliness that’s expected. Don’t be afraid to hook up with water and soap before you come to our hook up! Ballwash.com may be an idea of where to eradicate this issue during your rendezvous with that hot bottom you met at the gym. How dare you ask someone to put your sweaty dick into their mouth?! Just disrespectful! Though you aren’t lining up for the bottom bunk, you can still cater to your asshole as it is right in the near vicinity of your meat pole. Plus, if we want to lick your balls and gooch, we don’t want to inhale the chocolate on your rosebud… Just take care of all that. Nothing is wrong with self-care, baby boy.




  1. Treat Ass Like Ass


damon wayans GIF by Lethal WeaponWe get it… Though ass serves the same utility as a vagina in regard to squeezing you dry through a warm pocket, you may think that we are meant to stretch and rip the same way, but this is totally not the case. The sphincter muscle that causes the contractions in your ass (and a couple other places) are extremely tight places. When you are nestled deep in a tight ass that’s throbbing for you and working that cum from your stomach, you must keep in mind that the main function of the sphincter is NOT to be stretched and beat up—though it happens to be my fave (in moderation.) Be gentle when you enter a bottom’s glory mound and watch how much more receptive it is of your love. Nothing is better than working to get in it and feeling it adapt to your dick as it moistens and throbs for more of your intense passion. Once you get this green light you are free to move about the cabin.




  1. Newsflash: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!

rude classic film GIF by Warner ArchiveWhat have we come to as a people when we forget the reciprocity of sex? How dare you think that you’re going to come in, fuck me, cum, and not ensure that I’m taken care of?! YOU GOT ME FUCKED UP! You have to make time to ensure that your partner is pleased… Do you think that you’re going to get another trip to the oasis if you don’t establish a need for you there? You have to make your bottom crave you for the things you’re able to do to them. While you fuck them doggy style maybe play with his nipples or kiss him passionately while you drill him missionary. Passion, pain, and pleasure intertwined so harmoniously will get you those ‘wyd’, ‘you up’, ‘hey big head’ text messages that lead to you dropping loads of cum all over your bottom partners existence. Once you remember that your bottom is more than a hole for you to release in the better your sexual experiences will become as the bottom is more inclined to please you more intimately.




  1. Say something…

dirty talk GIFThere’s nothing worse than going ham on the dick and not getting any feedback except a lip bite or an eye closed tight. I don’t know if it’s serving as your masculinity cloak, but let your partner know what it is you like. Of course not everyone is going to be a moaner or yell out for pleasure, but some words of affirmation are nice. How can one know that you like it better when they’re flat on their stomach than on all fours with a back arch? You gotta be vocal! Don’t be afraid to lead and direct with words—especially when dealing with a submissive bottom who is awaiting/ instruction from daddy on what he wants. Hearing a man’s baritone moan out pleas for you to really drive it home can send your bottom over the edge, which only means greater things for you. Think of it as compelling your bottom to drain you dry of all your fluids… might even get them swallowed!



  1. Switch that shit up!

make love GIFYou cannot keep one satisfied with the same 3 positions forever. You have to be able to show that your sex game is well-rounded and that each encounter can provide something interesting and different. If you’re in a relationship with your bottom partner then this is IMPERATIVE! It’s already hard enough getting the same dick for long periods of time, but the road is more strenuous when you average in monotonous and uneventful dick to the mix. There are so many positions, kinks, and fetishes to keep sex with the same partner feeling like new. Stop giving up the dick with those same tired moves… It’s easy to tell when someone has been in a relationship long term because their sex game is more versatile as they’ve gone through the phase of reinventing their sex. Someone who is used to random hook ups may be putting down those same moves because no one has stuck around long enough to complain about his moves. I’m here to tell you now—give up that same flow you have. If you can pinpoint your next move during sex then you need to switch it up. You could always get on board with the ‘stick me, lick me, and then stick me again’ (in a new position) tactic I referenced in this article. Don’t be a boring top when you possess the power to control the dynamic of the encounter!



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Topping isn’t an easy feat and not all tops are created equal! Take the time to learn and assess the needs of your partner and remember that not all bottoms will require the same thing so you may have to communicate the needs and desires you both have. If you remember to reciprocate the pleasure more intimately I can guarantee you that you will not have many nights of wondering where your next nut will come from. Lay down the law with that dick and watch how much more compassion and freakiness you get from your partner. Trust me, I’m the bottom whisperer!




Kris Welcome

Kris Welcome

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