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Picture this: you’re at the gym. You visit your trainer for the first time. He’s a ripped stud with muscles made of dreams. He’s pushing you into a challenging workout. You want to impress him so you work hard. You’re starting to sweat. As much as you want to improve your body, the only thing on your mind is how much you want to suck your coach’s dick. He’s dominating you into this workout and the sweat is getting you all worked up. Is the coach down to fuck?

When you’re in the world of gay cams, you’ll find thousands of coaches who are there to fuck. They’ll make you do as you’re told in each set. These coaches have massive biceps, hard abs, and aggressive energy as you push to the max. You’re working yourself hard as these guys across the virtual screen are watching and waiting to fuck you.

All it takes is a free account to find a man who can act out the coach-trainee roleplay game. Your imagination can run wild as you act out as the guy who’s lifting weights and your coach will treat you with his dick when you’re done. These men love watching their trainees get on all fours and they’ll pull their cocks out for amazing cumshots.

The options are endless with this roleplay game. Here are two guys in particular on for all your coach-trainee fun…

Max Mayers

Maurice Lewis

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