Why We Love Watching Couples and Groups on Gay Cams

When you log onto a gay camming site, there are hundreds of categories to choose from. We all have our own traits and characteristics in men that make us horny. But what is it about couples, in particular, that get us worked up? Likely because we get to see two hotties go as far as we want them to instead of the fantasy of what we would do with a solo guy. And we take charge, telling them exactly what we want and how we want it. It’s the entire gay porn fantasy that we can create, ourselves.

In a porn video that’s already made, they rarely finish every last thought we have. Wouldn’t that video have been so much better if they just fucked in doggy style? Or, if we saw more spanking? Or, more kissing? That’s why we’re so invested in gay cams. We can see it all because we direct it all.

Plus, when you find the guys across the screen waiting for someone to join their chatroom, you know how turned on they already are. Their dicks are ready to come out and we can’t let them go to waste. So we make our way into their room and let them have the fun they’ve been craving. They’re horny and they know we are too. It’s hot sex all around.

If you like couples or threesomes, then you’ll love these men on Flirt4Free.com. When they’re online, they’re excited to get naked and listen to our orders!

Craig and Sean

Brayan White and Gavbo M and Graham N

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Sam Machado

Sam Machado is a writer based in Los Angeles. He manages several blogs, including Pics of Men, Gay Hub and Sexy Gay Blog. Originally from Riverside CA, Sam received his BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from Humboldt State University. He has written for Hollywood Life, Irvine Weekly and Andrew Christian where he serves as a relationship "sexpert" and interviews porn stars. Musical theater performer. Gym fanatic. Juggler. Leo. Will argue non-stop about pop culture.

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