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One thing that most of us gays love is a man who’s versatile. We just love sex and when it’s with a man who can take it both ways, that makes us fall harder for him. There’s something especially sexy about a man who wants to get on top of you…and who can bend over on all fours. It just means we get to experience “everything” from him instead of just one side.

That’s why we love watching vers men on gay cams. These guys can be anyone you want…almost like our own vivid creation. We see a handsome man, but we can turn him into the “perfect” man…or, at least an “ideal” man. You want him to bend over and tell you to fuck him like a bitch? He’s in! Do you want him to take charge and dominate you as if you belong to him? He’s in (somewhat literally)!

Or, he can be a mix of both. He can ride his dildo telling you how much he loves feeling your cock inside him. He’ll tell you to lay back and take his hole while he talks dirty to you. Sometimes, the bottom can be the man in charge. You can also demand that he tops you, but doesn’t say a word as it happens. We can break the tradition of what “top” and “bottom” means. Just because someone takes it up the ass doesn’t always mean he’s submissive…unless you want him to be, of course.

Check out these vers hotties on…they can fuck you from behind, ride your dick, or a little of both. Just tell them what gets you hot and they’ll follow through. They always do.

Arroyave Santiago

Alix Martin

Mauro C

Ronnie Lopez

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