The Thrill of Domination With Hot Masters on Gay Cams

You know when you’re going on a roller coaster, you have all this tension slowly building up as you wait in line? Then when you’re on the ride, the intensity really builds up. It gets even more intense when the ride is slowly going up…then as it goes down, all bets are off. You have no control over what’s going to happen next. The ride is in charge of you now. All you can do is sit back, feel the adrenaline, and enjoy. There’s something about having little control of yourself that can be so…exhilarating!

That roller coaster fun can happen in the bedroom too. When you have someone who’s in charge of what’s going down, there’s nothing you can do except enjoy it. That hot zaddy is the man in charge and you have no control. It can be scary, but it’s actually more exciting than anything. You let that tension build, let the moment take its course, and when you’re done, you walk away feeling different…maybe better than ever.

This is why we love domination so much. Some of us might think that our bodies can’t handle it, but we’re more resilient than we realize. Not only can we handle a man taking total control, but we can actually love it. When he tells you to get on the bed, you know it’s about to get wild.

There are hardly any limits when you’re the sub. After telling your man that you like pain and want more of it, you may leave the session with some bruises. But you know they’ll heal in no time. Then when you go in for the next session, you can take it harder and harder.

Do you even realize just how tough you are? As long as you’re not comparing yourself to your dominant master, of course…

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