Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Austin Vale and Thomas Reds Get Sexy in Exclusive Video From OhMyButt!

Austin Vale and Thomas Reds are wishing their fans a Happy St. Patrick’s Day in live videos. The cam studs give juicy details about St. Paddy’s Day, including what they would do with a pot of gold and the green character they want to fuck the most.

They also revealed what makes them feel “lucky.” Austin is all about giving his sexy charm to the world and you know what they say…what goes around cums around…

“Law of attraction I really believe in,” he said. “Me, I feel like I’m bringing luck.”

Austin is also down for a fun St. Paddy’s fetish…one that includes lying in a bed of clovers. Perhaps, he’ll get naked while covered in shamrocks.

Thomas said he would love to fuck the Green Lantern because he’s “very sexy and very handsome.” Who wouldn’t be all over that?!

Austin is set for a scheduled show on the 17th at 12 p.m. EST. Thomas will be performing for the rest of the spring where he’ll be giving a hard fuck on live gay cams. This dude is all about taking control of a sub who loves taking it like a little bitch.

But in the meantime, let’s see what else these two hotties had to say about how they’re celebrating. Let’s prepare for some drinks, dancing, partying, and great live sex on OhMyButt.com!

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