Top 5 Sexiest Guys in Showbiz

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Every era of Hollywood stars come with an array of various personalities, abilities, skills, and looks. It’s no secret that Hollywood is a place of vanity where sexiness can determine how far you’ll go, but it seems that this is the one area of society where this behavior isn’t shunned. The landscape of what is sexy has changed over the past few decades, but there are a few who would be considered timeless.

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We gag for and stan a sexy man! There is nothing like the feeling of staring someone you find attractive down as they simply maneuver the wheels of the vessel that turns you on. From strong strapping hands, to a solid chest, and the amazing aesthetic of a man with a nice ass, there is no denying that men are the greatest creature God created. We aren’t worthy of these 5 men, but nonetheless, here we are drooling over the pics.

Michael B. Jordan

MBJ is definitely one that tops the list. From his smooth chocolate skin, all the way to his perfect smile, there is no way you cannot find this man to be one of the sexiest men to ever walk amongst us. After his nude photo leaked (see it here) a couple years ago, it seems that his level on the sexy spectrum shot up! Who doesn’t love a good dick pic?

Liam Hemsworth

Hannah Montana’s husband has got it going the fuck on! His sexy beard, that fantastic Aussie accent, and his masculine demeanor all come together to make him a stand out star among the big names in Hollywood. Not too often can someone so chill send that tingling sensation all over your body like the bad boy we all go up for, but, hey, there is Liam changing that narrative. Rawr!

Zac Efron

Zac is simply fine as hell. His body is something that God chiseled from the gold paved roads that Heaven is known for. With a boy next door vibe and an attitude of humility, Zac is definitely a certified American heartthrob. Doesn’t this picture just scream “Fuck me!”? Oh, never mind it’s me—it’s me who is screaming fuck me.

Winston Duke

Winston Duke may be new on your mantle after his role as Mbaku in Black Panther, but his appeal lasts well beyond the ending credits. Boasting a wide chest, strong arms, smooth brown skin, a perfect smile, and the demeanor of a soft teddy bear it’s obvious why everyone with a pulse wants to fuck Winston Duke. Even in clothing, your eyes can still decipher that this is one sexy motherfucker!

Ryan Reynolds

From Deadpool to the wet pool that is forming in our briefs, Ryan Reynolds is the fucking man. His comedic personality and his undeniable sexiness make him a fan fave time and time again. Any time he is on cam, there is bound to be an influx of screaming sexual organs that are demanding for penetration from this sexy hunk of love. Could you deny Ryan of your love? Exactly. Get in line and get some!

Kris Welcome

Kris Welcome

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