Best Flirt Muscles of 2019

This year, Flirt4Free’s live gay cams had some of the hottest bodies in the world right in front of your screen. From rock-hard abs to giant biceps, dudes were packing some steamy pleasure for your viewing eyes. But who made the cut in the Top 10 Best Muscles of 2019? Check out the list below and try not to cum- or, on second thought, do.

Nick Thomson

We can’t get enough of this sexy-ass motherfucker and his ripped torso. His smooth chest and bangin’ abs will make you hard as fuck. The moment he pulls his shirt off and exposes those tats, you’re in for a hell of a good time.

Sven Basquiat

This cute little twink has a lean figure with nice arms and a washboard stomach- and his ass just makes him perfectly well-rounded.

Mathew Summer

No one has ever looked so good sitting naked in a chair. Seeing Mathew shirtless is enough to make you drool. But it gets so much better when he pulls his monster cock out.

Jeff Red

This guy’s chest does wonders and it gets so hot when he shows it off. Jeff also knows how to style it up with various colors and he’ll even have a drink with you. It’s great to see a muscle man who’s fashionable and classy, right?!

Edwin Drake

An underwear shot never looked so good on a man. With the broadest chest and sharpest abs we’ve ever seen, this model is an angel sent down to Earth who will make you cum just by staring at him.

James Axel

You could grate cheese on those muscles. Then watch him bend over and get fucked in the ass so we can all be happy.

Andrew Russell

Hopefully he’ll dish on his workout routine because Andrew is made of muscle all around. From his shoulders down to his calves, the curves just don’t stop.

Belami Colton

This dude has arms that will keep you cozy all night long. There’s no one we would rather snuggle up with than Belami and his guns that will put you in a state of perfect bliss.

Randy Pitts

Not only do you get nice abs and gorgeous arms, but Randy’s got some beautiful eyes and a terrific ass- you’re welcome.

Pashka X

Pashka could just stay naked all day long and he loves when you’re there to see it- but he’ll love it even more if you join him.


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