Make Relationships Great Again: Find Your Fetish

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Relationships can easily be like the car you’ve had for a couple years that now needs maintenance more than it did in the beginning. New things are always intriguing and exciting, but we can quickly grow tired of them when the work begins. There’s no reason to be alarmed when (yes, when) your relationship makes it to this point as it is a natural part of the relationship process. Though we find the couples who are always together so cute and adorable, the truth of the matter is you will want your space sometimes. Yes, you can even get tired of the face you turn into a seat from time to time…

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In spite of this inevitable phenomenon all hope is not lost and your relationship doesn’t have to be scrapped like your junk car! Once the firework show has ended, it is time to reshape the areas that are no longer giving you butterflies. For most of us the first place to get dull is our sex lives. In the beginning of a relationship it seems that you can’t keep the dick out of your stomach. After a while it may feel as though you went from newlyweds to your grandparents out of nowhere and everything starts to sink in the hole after that.


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Fetishes make a lot of people nervous. I work in the adult entertainment industry and some of the things I come across are still shocking! Ignorance and fear are bred in things that we can’t/don’t understand. The only way to get beyond this rut is to embrace new experiences and discover new areas of your sexual life. It’s nothing that you should be ashamed of in the least bit as we all have things that appeal differently to us sexually. Some of us want to be tied and gagged while others want to pretend that they’re someone other than each other’s regular lovers. There is nothing wrong on either end.



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There are endless amounts of fetishes available to experiment!BDSM and fetish play is much more than a kinky spank and being tied to the bed. Introducing a fetish into your bedroom doesn’t require much at all. Starting with a simple conversation about your feelings in regard to your lackluster sex life is a great start to ushering in discussion about incorporating some newfound freaky elements into your regimen.


Fetishes span from mild to wild and kinky to nasty, but all abet in ensuring those that partake and enjoy are left satisfied and fulfilled. You shouldn’t hit the ground running when it comes to adding something new to the bedroom. I wouldn’t advise someone just starting a trial run in fetishes with no idea what their kink is to go straight to urethral sounding or fisting!


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There are so many fetishes that you shouldn’t have a hard time finding things to try that may appeal to you. From feet to bondage to watersports there is an entire world of freaky things that you can do to make your man (or woman depending on how your partner identifies) remember why they  chose you! Relationships are a lot of work and constant evaluation is necessary to make sure you are both happy and growing together in the same direction. Communication is vital to make sure everyone gets their desires out and you know exactly what your partner is willing/unwilling to do. Determining where to start can be tricky, but if you’re in tune with your body and things you like already then coupling those desires with a comparable fetish can really change your life. Go ahead and find a kink to try with your partner tonight!

Kris Welcome

Kris Welcome

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