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Deep in the heart of Texas resides Jackson Riggs, a live cam model who embodies the perception that there is ass, ass, ass everywhere in the South! Jacson Riggs promises that if you do right by him, there is no limit to what he will do for you… If that’s not a promise we’re all excited to see play out I don’t know what is! Weighing 170lbs (77kg) and standing at a whopping 6ft 1in (185cm) Jackson makes for a fun bottom at epic proportions. If you have a thing for smaller cocks then Jakson is the man for you with only 5in (13cm) of sweet cock to satisfy your oral fixation. If you have a fetish for men in panties then this guy’s underwear collection will send you over the edge—thongs, panties, briefs, and jockstraps can all be found on that ass.

It’s every top man’s dream to find a power bottom that is willing to explore the greatest capabilities of their asshole. Jackson is into anal training, bondage, cross dressing, cum eating, domination, double penetration, spanking, and ass to mouth. He once fantasized about getting gangbanged, but now that he is a pro at taking multiple dicks, he wants to up the humiliation in his sex life. He dreams about being made to dress like a sissy and kept in a corner where a group only uses him to fuck and doesn’t let him speak. Being degraded turns him on, especially when he is forced to eat any of the cum that drips from out of his gaping asshole after it has been fucked and filled. You can always bet you’ll see anal beads, butt plugs, and giant dildos during the live cam shows Mr. Riggs performs in! Definitely not a show to miss…

If you want to see just how freaky bottoms can get and just how far the line can be pushed then this is the performer for you. Head on over and make Jackson pull those panties to the side so you can see that asshole as you imagine your dick beating it to a pulp like a robber stealing your valuables. You can thank us later. When you’re ready to have your life changed, you can find Jackson here.

Kris Welcome

Kris Welcome

Kris Welcome is a writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, he serves as a copywriter where he manages several blogs, including Pics Of Men, Gay Hub, and Big Cam Tube. Kris is from Texas and has lived in California since 2014. Mr. Welcome has been a writer as long as he can remember and has worked to derive a writing style that's versatile and rounded, but still reflective of one voice. Kris has a BA in Communication with minor concentration in journalism from Texas Southern University and a MFA in Producing for TV/Film from New York Film Academy-Burbank. He has written for The Voice of Southwest Louisiana, BallerAlert, and Curb Networks, among others. Soul food enthusiast. Southern gentleman. Beach bum. Pisces. Guy with the Afro.

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