All Sizes Matter: A Necessary DICKscussion




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What one constitutes as pleasurable varies from person to person. Some people want their hole stretched to oblivion, while others want a simple titillating experience from the D. Either way, this boils down to the age old question, ‘does size matter’? I, for one, am tired of this discussion, so I feel we address the fact that #AllDicksMatter.





hot dog dont be a menace GIF by MIRAMAXThe long, fat, beefy dick that sends you over the edge may be too much for the next person who wants slight titillation from their partners pipe. We all have different needs and desires from the sex we partake in, and that is okay. The horrible ‘slut shaming’ and ‘body shaming’ culture can also rear its ugly head into this conversation without many people picking up on it. For the one taking the beloved dick, feelings of inadequacy can transpire in those who are not able to take large pipe. For the gentlemen being judged for their natural existence, the feelings of shame, inadequacy, and anxiety can make something as amazing as sex and turn it into something like a trip to the dentist’s office—NO FUN! Why place unrealistic expectations on sex across the board? Why promote so many big dick fantasies and not cater to the reality that everyone isn’t a monster?


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Sex varies for us all and what makes me want to jump out of my body may not do it for you—just might even make you sick. The male body is the least policed, but it’s not uncommon to hear people entertain conversations about matters involving little dicks and the negative attitude towards them. In the various ranks are people who ‘bite off more than they can chew’ and though they have the big dick at home waiting—doesn’t mean they’re working it for all it is worth. On the other hand, someone who could service and worship that big cock is somewhere suffering over a little cock attached to a ‘sweet guy’. Why, when we can get exactly what we need in every avenue? Find the dick that fits you and your needs!


Do you go shoe shopping and buy a 9 when you need an 11½?  No! So why settle at a 6 inch dick when you know you love and deserve a 9+? Why be torn down by a foot-long when you’re barely scarfing down 6 inches? Makes no sense! Do what makes sense for you. Don’t let society force you into thinking big dick is the only way to go!


Unfortunately there is no way to personalize the dick on a man’s body to fit you perfectly, and it sucks that, by chance, men who will deliver you the perfect dick ‘ain’t shit’ usually and will offer nothing except hard dick and a harder time. Honey, let that shit go!


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It’s time that we get realistic in how we approach men’s bodies and their genitalia… Like snowflakes and gumbo—no two are alike! Doesn’t make the snowflake less beautiful or the gumbo less flavorful, but moreso there is something different to enjoy about each one. I, for one, embrace the differences found in the D. Learning to find your orgasm in the act of pleasing the other person can turn about your strict guidelines on sizing for your ‘hot pocket’. Imagine just being able to orgasm from the level of excitement you’re causing the other person to experience…. Is that too vain? Either way, you can become your own orgasmic tool of pleasure. Double sided cum shot anyone?

Kris Welcome

Kris Welcome

Kris Welcome is a writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, he serves as a copywriter where he manages several blogs, including Pics Of Men, Gay Hub, and Big Cam Tube. Kris is from Texas and has lived in California since 2014. Mr. Welcome has been a writer as long as he can remember and has worked to derive a writing style that's versatile and rounded, but still reflective of one voice. Kris has a BA in Communication with minor concentration in journalism from Texas Southern University and a MFA in Producing for TV/Film from New York Film Academy-Burbank. He has written for The Voice of Southwest Louisiana, BallerAlert, and Curb Networks, among others. Soul food enthusiast. Southern gentleman. Beach bum. Pisces. Guy with the Afro.

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